27 Abril 2018

Spanish government rushes to reform “out of date” rules before forest fire season begins

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Aerial firefighters have just been given the chance to smother wildfires more effectively. Ahead of the prevention campaign this summer, legislation exempting air tankers from complying with standard rest periods has been tweaked, according to the Official State Bulletin (BOE). The amendment means they can now work up to three consecutive hours, as opposed to two, a welcome change in the wake of one of the worst years for forest fires since 2010.

According to the Official College of Pilots (COPAC), however, the amendment does not go far enough. “This is a partial and transitional measure,” says a spokesman for COPAC. “We believe a complete revision of the legislation is necessary. The current legislation is ambiguous, out of date and has little to do with the reality of aerial firefighting operations, either with regard to safety or putting out the fire. An adequate legislative framework with reference to activity and rest times is a fundamental safety measure for professionals who are carrying out a basic public service.”

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